A quick response to the ongoing debate about violent video games

This is the most ridiculous ongoing topic. Do kids who watch Teletubbies eat just that custard stuff and stare at the sun hoping for a baby to be there? No. This should not even be a question.

HILVL Gaming

This morning I read an an article on Kotaku where Katie Couric gets schooled on the benefits of playing violent video games. I don’t necessarily know that she “gets schooled” by the replies because I don’t believe that she read all, or any, of the replies. What did strike me was what my own personal response to the recurring theme of violence in video games would be. Again, it goes back to what I wrote about in my post about NPC Deaths the violence in games gives you a safe environment to explore the emotions surrounding death.

I didn’t understand death growing up. I understood the concept of it, the finality that the person you know would no longer be there, but I think the first time I fully realized the lasting effect of death was when I lost a classmate in Iraq. His Humvee ran over an IED. I…

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