Nintendo Patching Gay Marriage “Bug” in Popular Japanese Game

Well this is kind of a step back for gaming.

The Sociology of Videogames

Nintendo Patching Gay Marriage “Bug” in Popular Japanese Game

Oh boy. This is a strange one. This week Nintendo released a patch for their popular life simulator 3DS title “Tomodachi Collection” that fixes  bug that allows for same-sex relationships. Tomodachi is a Japanese life simulator title for the 3DS in which players can use their Wii/3DS Created Miis to interact, fall in love, and socialize with other characters (Think Animal Crossing or the Sims). The patch supposedly fixes a bug in the game that allows for two male Miis to fall in love, get married, and even have kids. I use the word bug, because it seems that Nintendo did not initially intend for same-sex couples in this game at all ( In fact, the bug does not work for 2 female Miis). The bug only works when a Mii is transferred over using the 3DS’ Mii Transfer system.


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Minnesotan town selects four year old for mayor.

Minnesotan town selects four year old for mayor.

Only in America, a four year old was selected to be a mayor of the small town of Dorset, Minnesota. The only reason I could see this working out is because Dorset has a grand total of 22 for their population. That’s right, 22. I hope you enjoy this link and check back later for more stories.

International Space Station Leak?

International Space Station Leak?

The International Space Station is leaking ammonia from an outside cooling system, and members of the crew will be taking a space walk to fix it. Talk about bad luck and I truly hope that they do fix it with no other complications. Link down below if you do want to check this out.

Condom Challenge

Stupid people need to stop existing.

Dungeon Talk

I grew up with the internet and yet there are still things people do on it that surprise me.

WTF! Seriously people, come on.

When I first heard about the Condom Challenge I thought it was an update to the Bill Gates build a better condom challenge in which you are to come up with a better condom design that would make them more pleasurable so more people would use them keeping more safe but boy was I wrong, so wrong. I just hope I don’t know anyone participating in this nonsense. And if you’re still thinking about doing this rewind the video and please take Lee’s advice. And if that doesn’t deter you I say why stop there ….

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The Three H’s of Goaltending

If you’re a goaltender of any variety of hockey and just starting out, this is a good read.

Coach Chris Hall

One of the backbones of my goaltending philosophy is the three H’s. When goaltenders move, they should follow the progression of Head, Hands, Hips.

First, a goaltender should track the puck with their eyes (head). The head snaps to the puck and allows the goaltender to see the play and react accordingly. Your body will always go where your eyes and head are going, so this should be the first reaction to any change in play.

Immediately following the head snapping to the puck should be a goaltender’s hands moving to the new position. It is imperative that the hands get there first. I have two reasons for this: 1. The hands will guide the body into the new position. 2. If the body is late, the hands will still have an opportunity to get there first and are the most reactionary/mobile part of the player to attempt to make…

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A quick response to the ongoing debate about violent video games

This is the most ridiculous ongoing topic. Do kids who watch Teletubbies eat just that custard stuff and stare at the sun hoping for a baby to be there? No. This should not even be a question.

HILVL Gaming

This morning I read an an article on Kotaku where Katie Couric gets schooled on the benefits of playing violent video games. I don’t necessarily know that she “gets schooled” by the replies because I don’t believe that she read all, or any, of the replies. What did strike me was what my own personal response to the recurring theme of violence in video games would be. Again, it goes back to what I wrote about in my post about NPC Deaths the violence in games gives you a safe environment to explore the emotions surrounding death.

I didn’t understand death growing up. I understood the concept of it, the finality that the person you know would no longer be there, but I think the first time I fully realized the lasting effect of death was when I lost a classmate in Iraq. His Humvee ran over an IED. I…

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