Gallery From Space

Gallery From Space

This link is a collection of pictures that were recently taken from outer space looking down on the earth. Astronaut Chris Hadfield has been sending pictures back from his journey outside of the atmosphere. He’s scheduled to return before March 13.


Minnesotan town selects four year old for mayor.

Minnesotan town selects four year old for mayor.

Only in America, a four year old was selected to be a mayor of the small town of Dorset, Minnesota. The only reason I could see this working out is because Dorset has a grand total of 22 for their population. That’s right, 22. I hope you enjoy this link and check back later for more stories.

International Space Station Leak?

International Space Station Leak?

The International Space Station is leaking ammonia from an outside cooling system, and members of the crew will be taking a space walk to fix it. Talk about bad luck and I truly hope that they do fix it with no other complications. Link down below if you do want to check this out.