Twitter Stalks The Racist?

Students at Humboldt State University in Arcata, Calif., took data from 150,000 tweets, searching for only 10 hateful words, as part of a study called “Geography of Hate”. It’s essentially a map of the US with a search bar, that lets you search where the most hateful words are used the most. Check it out and see where the most racist, hateful communities are, or use this tool to avoid them when planning a trip.

U.S. students create ‘hate map’ of bigoted tweets – Your Community.


Giant Pandas Everywhere!

Toronto better be ready for an explosion of cuteness. Pandas are coming to your zoo, and they are definitely going to bring lots of attention to this zoo. I know it will at least attract 10,000 more people per year.

Toronto Zoo gives sneak preview of giant pandas – Toronto – CBC News.

BK is taking shots at the Golden Arches?

burger king rib sandwich

Burger King has just unveiled their summer menu, which includes a competitor to the McRib.

“While a Burger King publicist wouldn’t confirm if this menu is intended to lure customers away from the McDonald’s McRib, the Burger King rib sandwich does bare a BBQ-themed resemblance. ”

Burger King’s answer to the McRib – May. 15, 2013.



Ok you know that movie Contagion? It’s real, it’s killed people and is now going from person to person, including healthcare workers who are working around them. Lock up your doors and become anti social because the END IS NIGH. In all seriousness it’s probably not the same thing, but keep an eye out for this travelling to the part of the world where you live.

Health care workers sickened by new virus –

Iowa Set To Break Record For Longest Stretch Without Tornado

At least a tornado a year, but 355 days and counting. I really hope that this keeps up.
The shoe cables a repent reward near the visible.

CBS St. Louis

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Iowa is about to tie a state record for the longest stretch without a reported tornado.

The National Weather Service says at the end of Tuesday, it will be 355 days since a tornado touched down in the state. That’s a state record set between May 5, 1955, and April 26, 1956. The record would be broken at the end of Wednesday.

The last recorded tornado in Iowa was on May 24, 2012, in Fayette County.

Officials say severe weather in the state appears minimal through Wednesday. There could be thunderstorms in northern Iowa late Tuesday.

Officials say the streak is impressive because of the comprehensiveness of today’s digital technology and spotter networks. There was a greater likelihood in the 1950s for a tornado to occur without being reported.

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Gallery From Space

Gallery From Space

This link is a collection of pictures that were recently taken from outer space looking down on the earth. Astronaut Chris Hadfield has been sending pictures back from his journey outside of the atmosphere. He’s scheduled to return before March 13.